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Eckhart Tolle

A Membership Community from Eckhart and Kim for You to Learn, Awaken, and Evolve

The Power
of Presence

An Eight-Week Training Course for Awakening Consciousness and Living in the Now


An Online Course to Release Inner Blockages and Align with the Flow of Life


An 8-Session Online Course to Fulfill Your Highest Purpose and Create from the Fullness of Being

The Eckhart Tolle
School of Awakening

An Advanced Program to Intensify Presence and Live Your Highest Purpose

the Light

An Inner Journey to Accelerate Your Conscious Evolution in Challenging Times

The Light of the World

A Virtual Retreat and Integration Program with Eckhart and Kim

Descubriendo el "Yo Profundo"

Retiro de 4 días con Eckhart Tolle