Monthly Practice - October 2020

In our featured talk for October, Eckhart teaches that our primary practice or emphasis is to maintain our connection to the present moment awareness that he describes as “space consciousness.”

Monthly Practice

Each month we will highlight a teaching or practice from Eckhart. We encourage you to join us in focusing on this practice for the month.

Modern people, Eckhart explains, are highly knowledgeable on the level of concepts, whether we hold a PhD or a high school diploma. Yet “the important thing is the arising and the deepening in you of space consciousness, which is inseparable from the present moment.”

This month, your invitation is to practice space consciousness—whether you are going about your daily routines, engaging in a virtual meeting with coworkers, watching the news, and so on. Remember Eckhart’s teachings on disidentifying from your mental positions—which doesn’t mean trying to repress them or let them go. 

Our practice is to allow what is to unfold in the spaciousness of the Now and stay rooted in our essence instead of trapped in ego. If you find yourself placing “absolute” importance on an opinion, for example, or losing your connection to space consciousness, use any of Eckhart’s suggested “portals to Presence,” such as taking one conscious breath or using sense perceptions to deepen your awareness of the “isness” of the moment.

Share your experiences with our community!

We would love to know how this practice worked for you. Please visit our Eckhart Tolle Now Community Group and share your experience with this practice.

Enjoy the practice . . . and we look forward to hearing about your journey.